July 2017 Classes

Friday Afternoon, July 7th, Reiki/Reading Sessions

with Richard Vincent, Intuitive, Medium & Reiki Master/Teacher. Need your Chakras balanced, a Reiki healing, answers for yourself and/or to connect with someone on the otherside? Friday afternoon Richard will be offering 30-40 minute Reiki/Intuitive sessions by appointment, between 12:30-3:30 pm. During the session, you will receive a Reiki treatment as well as a reading. Richard is an Intuitive/Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor, and co-owner of Angel & Nature Expressions. Please call to reserve a time. Fee: 30 minute-$35, 40 minute-$45; Walk-ins are welcome; but please note scheduled appointments will be seen first. Thank you!

Canceled! Due to a family emergency, Julie is unable to reading Tue July 11th 

Angel Whispers

with Julie Loncar. Julie works closely with Angels, receiving direct information from your Angels to help guide you with questions you have. Julie uses her natural gifts as a clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing), and clairsentient (feeling) to help empower you and help you find answers to questions you have in your life. Her strongest desire is to help others on their own spiritual path, helping you to achieve vitality, passion, joy, health, and positive energy in all areas of your life. Your Angels are just waiting for you to "ask" them for guidance. Tuesday afternoon Julie will be offering readings by appointment, between1:00-4:00pm. Fees: Suggested donation; 15-20 min. $20, 25-30 min. $25.

Please call to reserve a time. Walk-ins are welcome; but please note scheduled appointments will be seen first. Thank You!                                                                             

Please note Abbi will not be holding classes at Angel & Nature Expressions in July and August

Healing Workshop

with Abbi Lake O’Neill, medical intuitive. Her channeled technique, Nova lightwork is an easy way to feel your chi or life force energy, increase it and direct. Learn how to direct your  to create your own health and prosperity. It is compatible with reiki, class is open to beginners. Time: 6:30pm Fee: $20

Thursday, July 13th,
A Night of Healing

with Richard Vincent, Brian Carey & Brenda Fisher. Join us for a night of healing and experience three different types of healing work. Reiki Practitioner Brenda Fisher will use Reiki, universal life force energy, to align your mind, body and spirit, bringing you to a place of inner peace, balance, when everything feels in place. Brian will use crystals to adjust and balance your chakras and auric energy. Each crystal has its own energy to help heal and manifest what you need. Richard will use Tibetan & Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls to bath and surround your body with soothing vibrational energy, to balance and align your mind, body and spirit to its optimal self. Each person in attendance will receive a healing session with each healer. You will feel the healing energy by just sitting in the room, so come and enjoy a beautiful night of healing energy. Time: 5:45pm  Fee: $35

Tuesday, July 18th,
Psychic Development: Finding your Yes and No's  

with Brian Carey; Channeler, Crystal Healer, & Reiki Master. Every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Come join us for an evening of intuitive games & exercises, to develop your psychic muscle. We will explore different types of psychic intuition, divination, and psychic shielding. You will gain the intuitive tools to develop your specific skills, understand the different types of psychics, and gain more confidence in using your intuition. This is a great class to brush up on your psychic abilities as well as for beginner’s intro to build you intuition. * For this class bring a coin for flipping, pendulum, and dice...if you have Time: 6:30-7:30 pm Fee: $15 per student ($20 for pairs)                                        

Thursday, July 20th, Evening of Reiki

with Richard Vincent, Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher. Join Richard and other Reiki Practitioners for an evening of Reiki. Come experience and learn about Reiki. In this class, there will be a short discussion about Reiki, followed by individual Reiki sessions, so that each attendee can experience the healing energy of Reiki. Length of individual Reiki sessions will depend on class size. Time: 6:30pm Fee: $12

Wednesday, July 26th, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation

facilitated by Richard Vincent, Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner. Join Richard in this balancing meditation as the relaxing Crystal Chakra & Tibetan Metal Bowls vibrational energy surrounds and baths you, allowing for a unique meditation experience. There will be a short discussion after, for those who wish to share their meditation experience or have questions. If you wish to lie down during the meditation class, please bring a pillow /blanket. Time: 6:30-7:30pm Fee: $15

Thursday, July 27th,
Crystals and Acrylics

Join Artist/Painters-John Marin and Michael Brown for a fun evening of painting with crystals. Open to beginners, no experience needed. After a short guided meditation, and intention setting. We will be using crystals, or any sacred object of your choice to paint with, so please bring your own. If necessary crystals can be purchased at Angel & Nature Expressions. This experience is limited to 8 participants, so please sign up early. If you have any questions please call. Time 6:30-8:30 Fee: $30            

Tuesday Afternoons, July 11th, 18th, & 25th,
Mini Reiki Sessions

with Brenda Fisher, Level II Reiki Practitioner. Have you been busy lately, caught up in the chaos of the day? Maybe you need a reminder of what it is like to have inner peace, a sense of balance, when everything feels in place. Drop by Tuesday afternoon; Brenda will be offering 10-15 min. Mini Reiki sessions between 1:00-4:00pm. Suggested Donation: $15

Advanced registration required for all classes, unless otherwise noted. Thank You!

Signing up before the scheduled date of a class is always appreciated and also allows us to notify you if there are any last minute changes or cancellations.  Thank you!

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Advanced registration is required for all classes. Signing up before the scheduled date of a class is always appreciated and also allows us to notify you if there are any last minute changes or cancellations. 

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