We offer a variety of classes for personal development, fabulous insight and connecting with spirit.

Below is our current class/workshop schedule. All of our classes/workshops are held at our store location.

Reiki information is on our Reiki page.

Advanced registration is required for all classes. Signing up before the scheduled date of a class is always appreciated and also allows us to notify you if there are any last minute changes or cancellations. 
Thank you! 

Angel & Nature Expressions


2020 Classes

​Tuesday Afternoon, March 10th, Afternoon Readings

with Lauren Michelle, Intuitive & Reiki Master. Have you been out of balance spiritually, physically or emotionally? Come with an open mind and no expectations. Allow Lauren to assist you in connecting with your angels and guides to help you get back to your center and regain your inner peace. Lauren may even connect with a loved one that has transitioned if you are ready to receive the messages. Lauren is available to do Tuesday afternoon between 1:00-4:00pm. 15-20 min. reading $20

Tuesday Evening, March 10th,
Healing Workshop

with Abbi Lake O'Neill, Psychic & Medical Intuitive. Nova Lumina-Therapy of Light-an easy technique to learn how to feel your chi, or life force energy, how to increase it, and how to direct it. It is a powerful tool for maintaining your own health, sending healing to others and creating your own prosperity. Classes revolve around energy exercises that are quick to learn and very effective. It is compatible with Reiki and acupuncture. Class is open to beginners.

Time: 6:30pm Fee: $20

Thursday Afternoon, March 12th,
Reiki/Reading Sessions

with Richard Vincent, Intuitive, Medium & Reiki Master/Teacher. Need your Chakras balanced, a Reiki healing, answers for yourself and/or to connect with someone on the other side? Thursday afternoon Richard will be offering 30-40-minute Reiki/Intuitive sessions by appointment, between 12:30-3:30 pm. During the session, you will receive a Reiki treatment as well as a reading. Richard is an Intuitive/Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor, and co-owner of Angel & Nature Expressions. Please call to reserve a time. Fee: 30-40-minute $45; Walk-ins are welcome; but please note scheduled appointments will be seen first. Thank you!

Canceled! Tuesday Afternoon, March 17th, Mini Reiki Sessions

with Brenda Fisher Level III Reiki Practitioner & CMT. Have you been wondering where to turn, which step to take? Has stress and anxiety been clouding your own guidance? Stop by on Tuesday afternoon, Brenda blends reiki, intuition, and compassion to help bring you to a place of peace and acceptance. Where your inner voice sings and an increased awareness will guide you through life with ease. Drop by Tuesday afternoon; Brenda will be offering 30 min. Mini Reiki sessions between 2:00-4:00pm. Fee: $25

Canceled! Evening, March 17th, Meditation Journey with Shamanic Breathwork

facilitated by John Marin. The goal here is to access a deeper part of our energy body where emotions may be trapped and in need of release. Through a gentle guided meditation followed by shamanic breath work, John will assist in facilitating movement and release. Participants are expected to lay down, so please bring a mat, pillow, and light blanket. A sleeping mask or bandana is very helpful as well. Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful tool used to facilitate rapid growth by accesses the Shaman within each of us. The journey utilizes specifically tuned music intended to transport the journeyer into higher states of consciousness, where they may access their own inner wisdom, be it from the past, present, or future. This is a time tested, sacred and boundless exercise intended to heal, strengthen, and illuminate one on their soul journey.  The meditation should take about an hour, followed by an opportunity to journal, draw, and discuss. Time: 6:30pm Fee: $15

Canceled! Thursday Evening, March 19th, Evening of Reiki

with Richard Vincent, Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher. Join Richard and other Reiki Practitioners for an evening of Reiki. Come experience and learn about Reiki. In this class, there will be a short discussion about Reiki, followed by individual Reiki sessions, so that each attendee can experience the healing energy of Reiki. Length of individual Reiki sessions will depend on class size. Time: 6:30pm Fee: $12

Canceled! Tuesday Evening, March 24th, Rhythm Circle

facilitated by John Marin. Please join us for an evening of music. You can bring your drum, chimes, guitar, or other instrument. The Rhythm Circle’s emphasis will be on harmonizing with one another, and the current energies of our surroundings and this world, through creating spontaneously with sound. If you don’t have an instrument, we will have extras. Feel at ease, this is a loving non-judgmental space, where all skill levels are welcome. Time: 6:30 Fee: $11

Canceled! Thursday Evening, March 26th, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation

facilitated by Richard Vincent, Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner. Join Richard in this balancing meditation as the relaxing Crystal Chakra & Tibetan Metal Bowls vibrational energy surrounds and baths you, allowing for a unique meditation experience. There will be a short discussion after, for those who wish to share their meditation experience or have questions. If you wish to lie down during the meditation class, please bring a pillow/blanket.

Time: 6:30-7:30pm Fee: $15


Advanced registration required for all classes. Please call 760-346-899​3 Thank You! 

Signing up before the scheduled date of a class is always appreciated and also allows us to notify you if there are any last minute changes or cancellations.  Thank you!